Victim Blaming In Rape Culture Essay

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Victim Blaming in Rape Culture: Myth or Fact
When a traumatic event takes place the body goes through many different feelings; guilt, embarrassment, fear, and anger. Many victims of traumatic events, such as sexual assault, can experience an overwhelming feeling of guilt. The main reason behind the feeling of guilt is victim blaming. Making a victim feel at fault, is just one example of rape culture. Rape culture can be defined as an environment in which rape is normalized. Zerlina Maxwell suggests, the majority people would rather ignore harsh realities of today’s world than accept the fact that rape is real, and it is never the victim 's fault. Overall when a victim feels at fault, the sexual assault crime goes unreported. An analysis by RAINN found the 97% of rapists never spend a day in jail for their crimes. Although many people recognize the occurrence of rape culture in today’s society, many others are too ignorant to notice the victim blaming.
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Although if people weren’t so ignorant and opened their eyes, they would realize rape is a big problem in America; which is why rape culture exists. Many believers will agree that middle eastern countries have the short end of the stick in rape culture, yet they will disagree that rape culture does not exist in America. Jessica Valenti reported, “When a victim went to the police later to file a report, her friends that were with her were told by a police officer that quote, “Of all these cases 90% are bullshit so I don’t believe your friend for a second” ( In contrast, the FBI crime statistics report only 2% of reported sexual assaults are false (SCSU). According to the Department of Justice, someone is sexually assaulted in the United States every 2 minutes ( The facts speak for themselves, the police officer was wrong. It is arrogant people like that who make rape culture

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