Ralph Ellison 's Battle Royal Essay

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Ralph Ellison’s “Battle Royal,” suggests although slavery is abolished post-civil war, the African American community still gets treated unfairly. Through having to endure racism in order to move ahead in their life and present an inauthentic version of their self as expected from the American South. Inauthentic can be defined as the African American community often had to put on an act of compelling to the demands of white Americans due to this was seen as social dynamic in the post-civil war era. Although, many African Americans wanted the opposite of accepting these societal expectations they wanted to fight the injustice and demand “social . . . equality” (253). During the post-civil war also called the reconstruction era, the American South consisted of some states such as: “Alabama, Florida, Georgia Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas” (History, 1) just to name a few. The narrator as the young boy is given the opportunity to deliver his speech when he is physically hurt all over his body despite the pain he continues to his speech. The men taunt him to speak “louder” (252) when his mouth is “filling up with blood” (252) so he “gulp[s] it down, blood, saliva, and all, and continued” (252). The boy has to overlook the fact of him being physically hurt to complete his speech because there is a chance the school superintendent can give the boy an opportunity to better the condition of his life even though “they talked and still laughed”…

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