Symbolism In A Gathering Of Old Men

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Whenever a group of people face multiple years of oppression, the group either chooses to break apart or join together. In A Gathering of Old Men, Ernest Gaines establishes a black community that joins together to fight the many years of racial oppression present before and after the Civil Rights Movement. Gaines uses fifteen narrators, that are cajun and black, to tell the two opposing sides of racism still present on the Marshall Plantation. Although the cajun farmers believe they no longer discriminate against the black community, Gaines uses an isolated setting, a unified black community, a very prominent Marshall Plantation, a black resistance to the white supremacy, and a use of powerful symbolism to show the journey of one black community joining together to finally achieve their freedom.
Although A Gathering of Old Men was set many years after
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The black men have always aimed to obtain masculine traits because they were constantly denied masculinity around the cajun farmers. They were often oppressed from equality of the white man because of the color of their skin. Gaines reveals the struggle the men have faced by the stories that they tell (Carmean 108). Although the men have constantly kept their stories of oppression a secret, the death of Beau Boutan has made them stand up for their freedom and reveal the horrendous acts of racism that they had faced. Instead of physically fighting the cajun farmers, the black men use a narratological approach when standing up to the cajun supremacy. Mallon reveals that, the black men realize that they won’t be able to achieve equality by fighting; they come to the conclusion that they must use a dialectical approach. The reason behind this dialectical approach is because the black men are aware that the cajun men believe they will fight back because they are compared to

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