Radio And Television Transmissions Stopped Essay

1482 Words Apr 29th, 2015 null Page
Two weeks later, radio and television transmissions stopped. We stayed at campus just encase the came back on, but the only thing on the radio was a repeat of the same thing over and over. We knew no more about the virus than we did when it first came into light. We had no idea how to protect ourselves from the infected without causing bodily harm. A week ago, the virus quietly started to infect students. It was so subtle that we had no idea about the virus until three days ago. We knew that we would have to leave campus soon or risk becoming a zombie like every other student, we just didn 't know we would be forced off campus so soon. The groans of the diseased could be heard outside, telling us to hurry up before it was too late. Before we too became part of the walking dead. “Jordan we have to go NOW!” Erik yelled at me though the dorm room door. “I 'll be there in a second Erik, I have to find my backpack,” I said. There, I thought as I spotted a black and red colored bag peeking out from under one of the two beds. Inside was some medical and food supplies, each of our backpacks had a few things in them that would not fit into Drakes car. Quickly, I grabbed the pack before rushing out the door to Erik. The rest of our group had already started down the hall toward one of the exits we mapped out two weeks ago. The two of us proceeded down the gray hall to where Angie, Tony, and Drake stood waiting for us to catch up. “Okay everyone get some sort of weapon ready,”…

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