Essay on Radical, Or Conservative?

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Radical, or conservative. Abolitionist, or proslavery. Whether you believe in one or the other, we all share a common belief: to fight for what is right, just, and beneficial to our country. Through the years of American history, there have been events that led to the satisfaction of our people, and there have been times where we admit we’ve overstepped. But who decides when it’s too late to apologize and to replace the mile we’ve taken when only given an inch? The United States of America is a place that strived to value equality, liberty, and overall freedom. Whereas, the nation itself was established on the bones and remains of the natives our Fathers extinguished. Furthermore, the American Identity, as I view it, is the drive to pursue what they believe is their right, without regard to those who may stand in their way.
As the settlers first arrived, they laid their eyes on America as this great unexplored land for the start of their own nation, free from England at last. Little did they know, their new home was already inhabited by natives. Nevertheless, the Native Americans welcomed the English to their homeland, knowing nothing of what was to come. Aaron Huey, repeat visitor and friend of the Sioux tribe, describes how they call him “brother” and “uncle,” but also use the term “Wasi’chu,” which means non-Indian, or, “He who takes the best meat for himself” (Huey). This simple term sums up America’s identity well because it is exactly what we did and continue to do.…

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