What Are The Stereotypes In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Being stereotypical back in the past and now
Racism-that one race is greater than another race based solely on society 's opinion. although racism isn’t as bad as it was back then, but it is still an issue to this generation. Racism is a great deal in To kill a mockingbird, even though blacks have homes, food and, jobs like the white, they are treated with no respect. They are treated as slaves, working for the whites who consider them beneath society. They were looked down upon no matter how hard they worked, woman were also looked down upon being considered weak. Right from they were born, they were assigned work only for the to do. While men did the “hard” work, women did the household tasks instead. Women were considered by men that they
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Atticus admits that a white man has a better chance of winning a trial against a black man only because of his color. “...when it’s a white man’s word against a black man’s, the white man always wins. They’re ugly, but those are the facts of life.”(Lee220). Dealing with both racism and gender, they both are very much alike. Both oblige by certain rules created by those who see different of them, they follow these rules no matter what, for this was what they were destined to follow. White men were known as top dogs back then, so they were the ones who made the rules for ones who didn’t necessarily meet the high expectations of those white men. Woman and African americans were not treated equally and definitely deserved better, but they did what they could, they followed the rules and tasks assigned by the white men and eventually climbed their way to the top, being looked at in a different angle. Not of what gender they are or what color, but as a human being deserving equal rights and to be treated with respect. Both were seen as below society, having rules that controlled their life from the very beginning,that didn’t stop them from fighting back for what they knew was …show more content…
Even in today 's generation, we have these problems. Women are still considered weak amongst men. But they fight for their right in order to prove they are not weak but stronger than what they set them to be. This also includes men thinking they are smarter than women, when all together everyone is smart in their own way. Women now have more possibilities in life, even where they work is not an option. Of course this is not just about women who had it tough but, African americans also. We still have major problems with racism today, also being categorized as a criminal or a slob just because of their color. But just as women they are proving that just because they are black they are intelligent and hard working just like everyone else is society. Of course not every black man or woman, or any race to that matter are hardworking, intelligent, or innocent at all but all in all they are all human beings.So why did people back then consider these people beneath them, why were they treated this way? Was it because of the power they got for controlling people this way, or was it that this is how they believed people should be treated. To control every bit of one individual 's life solely because of their race and gender. they wanted to be superior and by doing that they made false accusations of these people making them out to be criminals and weak against this power. For years this was how they were treated and for years

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