Racism : Racism And Discrimination Essay

1675 Words Nov 21st, 2016 7 Pages
Thomas Tiberio
English 112
Essay #4
Racism and Discrimination in Sports Racism is prevalent in all aspects of life. Racism in sports has shaped the way we look at sports and how they fit in our society today. Some of the most important and influential people who broke the color barrier in sports paved the way for equality in sports and a better future ahead. Without these courageous and brave people, the sports we love and play today would be completely different and nothing would be the same as they are today. Especially for the population of the United States, sports are so ingrained into the culture that it would be hard to imagine a country without them. Racism in sports has limited African Americans to participate freely and equally and there are many reasons that this happened. Sports have been praised for their ability to be a melting pot (Lumpkin), an idea easily understood by the United States, which holds the same nickname. They are considered to be the "great equalizer" because more attention is given to the abilities of a person than to who they actually are. Within the institution of sports, there are several ways that a person can be discriminated against, such as during the hiring process, what position he or she is allocated, or how much he or she is paid in salary (Kahn). Discrimination can come from employers, coworkers, customers, and people who hold prominent positions such as sportscasters, Hall-of-Fame selection committees, sports executives…

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