Racism Is Human Disease Essay

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Racism is human disease Human behavior is complex because of racial stereotypes of what people have learned and development in different ways based on their cultures and ethnic groups of what they belief. Each ethnicity groups and cultures have their own styles to teach their children. Racism and discrimination are still exist around the world. But I would like to talk about racism stereotype in America such as prejudiceand discrimination arethe main point of human race because thesereasons willaffect human life in short term or long termin the public,education and workplacein their society. Acting prejudice may hurt people feeling. According Observer in article Young, Black, Male, and Stalked by Bias. Few Americans saw the behavior of tall young black men groups who walk on the subway at night time“with hooded sweatshirts pulled up over downward- turned faces; boxer shorts billowing out of over -lange, low –lung …show more content…
This is important to understand purpose of the article is racism is human disease. It appears everywhere on campus as her friends explained to Sampath that because they see her as subhuman (Bever 2015). Even though Sampath and her friend won the elect president and vice president at school. Despite they were apologies to her, she still felt hurt deeply inside her heart. She describes to The Washington Post that it likes broken record. It keeps playing back to her head of what people have said to her before. “Apologies don’t fix these deep wounds…. [the slur] was a verbal assault on my identity _on who I am as a person” ( Bever 2015). In Friday this week, I am in group project one of my group’s members ask me that what professor name I forgot. I was surprised when I heard a white girl answered to my friend was Jamaica. I felt sad because her discipline behavior of discrimination to professor who spent her time to teach her.I still did not believe of what I heard because it shock

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