Essay about Racism Is A Thing Of The Past

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Leading up to the 2016 presidential election one common concern of those that I have come in contact with is, if Donald Trump wins, racism wins. In today’s society one would love to say that racism is a thing of the past, yet the world watched in utter shock as the United States president elect was non other than a man whose core campaign message was riled with racist rhetoric, sexism, bullying, and hate. Was America frustrated and needed change or did the election of Mr. Trump proved that white supremacy reign supreme?

David Roediger in his book “How Race Survived US History,” argued that even with the election of a black president and the success gained through the Civil Rights Movements, the “idea of race, emerges and continues to have meaning amid the evolving processes in which government, economy, and society sorted people into different relationships to property, to management, to punishment, and to citizenship.” This, to quote Joe Feagin (Texas A&M University) “demonstrates white supremacy’s incredible staying power against major societal forces that should long ago dismantle it. Not capitalism, not emancipation, not labor movements, not mass immigration, and not color blind liberalism, not these forces separately, and not all of them together, have been able to destroy the deep structures of white racism in the United states” (

However, the argument still persist that race is a thing of the past. As the author…

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