Racism In The Movie Analysis: Cracking The Code

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Movie Analysis: Cracking the Codes
The film Cracking the codes: The system of racial inequity (2013) directed by Dr. Shakti Butler is an insightful explanation of racism in modern society, coming in different areas of our lives, and connecting diverse experience into a single picture. The film connects different concepts together with the help of opinions reflected by people coming from different backgrounds, telling the stories of racism encountered, displayed, or battered. Cracking the Codes demonstrates how the society encounters and undergoes various issues pertaining to racism in a unique manner typical of different environments, stating that some people are sure that the modern society does not have racism, and that any racism identified
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The idea of homogeneous communities is vividly expressed in the film, pointing to the politics and structural level of racism. At this point, structural aspect of racism in homogeneous communities makes parents of any racial or social background select a specific area to live in, because it influences the access of their children to better education, since the ability of the school to collect sufficient taxes for funding educational activities depends on the income level of those representing that community. Additionally to the structural aspect, politics pertaining t racism make this phenomenon a matter of homogeneity, because people that live in homogeneous community may be unaware of racism and how it affects people of color. The article by Tatum (2014) reveals the need for a frank conversation about racism as a concept that is more spread in homogeneous communities. As such, asking people about racism is a theoretical approach, which should be backed up with practice of communicating with people of different ethnic backgrounds and learning about racism from a new

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