Reflection On The Intercultural Event

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I attended the Intercultural Event on October 20, 2015 at 11:20 AM hosted by Zandria Robinson. Her main concern is that black women are not as well respected as white females. Women of color have had many hardships with white supremacy growing up in the Unite States. Dr. Robinson reflected on the upcoming of black feminism and how their roles tie in with pop culture. She speaks upon gender, race, gender identity, and how those have entwined with black women speaking in their communities and raising awareness for their people. You can relate Dr. Robinson’s presentation well with the books we have read in class, His eye is on the Sparrow and Quicksand. They both show the difficulty of the black community, and how it is hard to get people to accept …show more content…
Many people refer to Janelle as the “sonic aesthetics of black Hollywood”. This is because when she sings, she is very powerful. Her lyrics are strong and share a slice of experience that Janelle and her community go through. People refer to Janelle as being “extra” and over the top, but the only way Janelle can be seen by anyone is by being outrageous and outgoing. Without her goofy outfits, no one would notice her talent because we’re too caught up on white supremacies. This ties in well with the story Quicksand. Helga Crane is in a situation where she doesn’t feel right or like herself. She wants to tell the Dean why she doesn’t like the school she works at, and she wants to show that people can’t take advantage of the colored children. This is similar to Janelle because she is doing everything to be noticed, and she still isn’t hugely famous mainly because she is a black woman in a business who is run by whites. This shows that people need to be more informed about the history the US has with racial segregation. Racism affects every community and it’s a bigger problem then most thinks. This can also be related to Ethel when she is called a “negro” and Ethel states how it does not bother her because those are her people. Dr. Robinson described many black women in pop culture that are showing awareness for their community, and the importance of their color …show more content…
It’s cliché but many black women have the same beliefs and feelings as a white woman. They’re color does not make them any less of a person, and that’s the most misunderstood thing in today’s world. This is like when Ethel got into a car crash in a white folks car. Two white men saw Ethel stuck under the car and was not going to help her, until she questioned them about their inhumanity. Ethel even told them that if they were stuck under a car, two black folks would help them out, and eventually the white men did save Ethel’s life. The black women who make their way into pop culture have a huge impact on that civic. It shows that it shouldn’t matter about the color of their skin or what they’re wearing; it’s about the human and the person behind it. Black women have been accepted into society piece by piece. After the enslavement came women’s suffrage and how women did not have the right to vote. When women could finally vote, only white women could vote and it took a long time for them to let black women in. The Jim Crow and Civil Right laws is when Rosa Parks showed her bravery by sticking up for herself by not moving to the back of the segregated bus. What people failed to see at this time was, who was protecting the black women? According Dr. Robinson forty to sixty percent of black girls under the age of 18 are raped and go unseen, or untold. This is a problem in the

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