Racism In Ta-Breti Coates's 'Between The World And Me'

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In the book “Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehasi Coates, he presents a unique take on racism in America. However, there are several flaws with his writing. One of these inconsistent themes that Coates includes in his narrative are his people who are not black “those who believe they are white.” Another being his heavy focus on the race of his friend Prince Jones while ignoring the race of the officer who killed him, deeming it unimportant discuss in any detail. And also his filtered view of human suffering only in regards to the black race in America. These are some things that he addressed in ways in which he could have presented both sides of the issues he discusses, but chooses to ignore them. Starting with the first point of Coates talking …show more content…
Coates mentions “black people” several time throughout his book, but almost always refers to others as “people who believe they’re white.” This further points out in purposeful incongruity throughout his narrative. He also mentions to his son, “the people who must believe they are white can never be your measuring stick. I would not have you descend into your own dream. I would have you be a conscious citizen of this terrible and beautiful world.” Here he tells his son that he can never try to live up to the “people who believe they’re white” standard of life. In fact, throughout the book, he encourages his son not to dream at all, and that it is a waste of time, but he does encourage him to be a conscious member of society. While he encourages his son to be a functioning member of society, he tells him that because he is black he cannot achieve dreams, especially if they are a “white” persons …show more content…
If he had ever looked outside of American into other countries, he would know that slavery is not just attributed to black people. In addition to human suffer, of which he only mentions slavery, there has also been war, genocide, and other mass killings. A lot of which have been racial disputes and slaughters. Yes, there is a problem in the United States in regards to “racism.” However, to focus solely on one side of the problem, some would deem that ignorance. Despite Coates overlooking a lot of different factors at play in his narrative about America, there are several things that he does address well. He talks about his life as a black man growing up in the roughs of Baltimore. He describes this experience as follows,
Not being violent enough could cost me my body. Being too violent could cost me my body. We could not get out.” He continues, "And what was the source of this fear? What was hiding behind the smoke of streets and schools? And what did it mean that number 2 pencils, conjugations without context, Pythagorean theorems, handshakes, and head nods were the difference between life and death, were the curtains drawing down between the world and

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