Racism In Atticus Finch's To Kill A Mockingbird

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The race that never seems to end; it’s racism. Racism is the belief that one race is superior to the others and puts those races down to boost their own races upward. The issue is sadly common in the world and it seems to have no signs of stopping anytime soon. When thought of individuals usually jump to the now and still classic case of the white Americans versus the black American. This form was instituted for years in America with Jim Crow laws and Black Codes the suppress the newly freed people. They created their own groups to attempt to stagger these oppressive laws such as the NAACP. Nowadays we still have the oppression and segregation, but more on a social level then the law level anymore. Today currently we have some discrimination against the Muslims …show more content…
In To Kill A Mockingbird Atticus Finch has to defend Tom Robinson of a crime he obviously didn’t commit and yet the jury voted him guilty showing how they all believed it was him due to the color of his skin even though the evidence clearly shown that he wasn’t the culprit. The scummy father committed the crime and he literally lives within the town 's trash heap so he is the bottom of the bottom in white society, but put a black man in front of this trash guy and the black guys is still lesser than the lowest white. Today we face this problem of a different scale involving the Muslims fleeing from the acts of Isis and the terrorists. We treat them all as terrorists and even though they are fleeing from the destruction. Whenever a bomb or something happens people usually jump straight at Muslims and Islamics for the crimes being committed. People are affected mentally by racism and the acts pertaining to it. The stretching of the pain and suffering goes along hurting people and pinning them down. All these combinations of problems are shown in today 's great pieces of

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