The History Of Racism

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Racism has existed in the human history since the conception of human race itself to the current society and it influences people’s relationships and attitudes to one another. Racism is the complex belief that members of one race have characteristics and abilities that are superior or inferior. The different traits are believed to distinguish one race from another. Racism is normally seen in political arena and other social interactions (Lentin 24). Furthermore, racism causes the feeling of prejudice and discrimination. The following conceptual clarification paper explores racism in terms of its complexity, understanding racism, history of racism, legal framework put in place as well as social and behavioral features and implications of racism. …show more content…
Statistics indicates that governments have limited framework to reduce racism with some governments failing to recognize racism as a crime (Stolarek 69). The updated legal provisions are needed in order to prevent racists from committing racism related crimes. The first step to take is to recognize that racism exists in the society. The governments then have to pass laws that limit racial practices, racial violence, and racial segregations in the society. For example, some countries like Ireland in 2011 develop an organization fighting against racism. The organization focuses on the hate speech used on the Internet and other social media platforms that increase racism. United Nations (UN) agencies such as UNESCO have also come up with the declaration that race and racism is prejudice. It is clear that court systems view racial crime as any other crimes even though racial crime is characterized by uniqueness. It is also important to look at the major implications of racism at the individual, community, and society …show more content…
The complexity of racisms rests on our limited understanding of the issue. In order to understand racism, the history of race and ethnicity is the first point one should study. The history of racism shows that racism is as old as humanity, witnessed for centuries. Moreover, politics play role in promoting racism and the tensions caused by it. Behavioral and social features of human being are the best way to understand the phenomenon of racism. Finally, the discrimination, violence and slavery of ethnic groups considered to be inferior have brought massive misery in the society as a whole. Racism is therefore the worst multidimensional and multicultural belief that requires strong legal framework in order to reduce it. The idea of racism should not be taken lightly as it is the source of suffering and struggle witnessed in continents with mixed races and underdevelopment seen in some continents such as Asia and

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