These Wise Words Were To Us By W. E. B Dubois Analysis

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Race “To be a poor man is hard, but to be a poor race in a land of dollars is the very bottom of hardships.” These wise words were given to us by W.E.B Bois the author of one of the passages listed. I feel as if this quote couldn’t be more fitting for the idea of racism in America at the time. Bois presented the idea of how the African American were presented as bad people that rarely were looked upon for good deeds. The next article is telling a story about how a black boy was treated while working with white people. Lastly the article is from the perspective of a white man telling about how blacks affect the white lives. The thesis of this essay is to portray the treatment of race among blacks and whites before the civil rights era. In the three articles each Author portrays a different perspective among blacks to whites. DuBois relates the ideas of African Americans are uneducated, foolish and to blame for each problem the United States had. DuBois had this authority for his writings because he saw the discrimination and unfair treatment first handed. Next is the article created by Wright, his reason for writing was more to tell his own real life experiences he encountered as a black man., his authority for …show more content…
DuBois portrayed a basic background idea for anyone that was new to the life of how blacks were treated on a general basis. Wright the author was more of a storytelling aspect that showed the ideas of DuBois actually being used and giving a sound amount of factual evidence to the readers. Lastly is Mydral his ideas were similar but it was from how whites saw the blacks in a different manner for people in the times before the civil rights era. The main idea of this passage was to show the reader’s more about the lives of blacks and whites before the civil rights movement era, and I feel each author differently presented the idea in a great clear

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