Racism And Violence During The United States Essays

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Racism and Violence in the United States The United States has always been a country that is culturally diverse. Regardless of the diversity the U.S has discriminated groups of people that are not recognized as “White”. Since the establishment of the U.S. there has been discrimination of minorities. On of the earliest examples can be seen in the year 1882 when “the Anti-Chinese sentiment in California lead to the federal Chinese Exclusion Act which suspended immigration from the East” as mentioned in TIME website. Then in 1883 rituals of Native Americans were declared as offensive and punished by jail sentences up to thirty years. Not long after that in 1890, soldiers massacred more than 150 indigenous people. In 1915 “the Ku Klux Klan re-emerges on a national level preaching anti-Semitism and anti-Catholicism.” Later in 1942 President Roosevelt signs an executive order forming “exclusion zones” that lead to the forced burial of a little over 100,000 Japanese and Japanese Americans. After a remembered date, September 11,2017, Muslims were discriminated and classified as terrorists. Although many minority groups are still discriminated the groups that are now mainly targeted are Mexican Americans and African Americans. In this essay I will argue how Mexican and African Americans experience racism and violence within the LAPD, U.S. court systems, and the prison, industrial complex. The number Black and Latinos being incarcerated is unbelievable compared to that of Whites.…

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