Racism And The Muslim Culture Essay

1242 Words Dec 15th, 2016 5 Pages
Muslims in America, many of whom are natural born citizens, often feel as if they are unwelcomed secondary citizens to this “land of freedom,” that they don’t belong among fellow Americans. The lack of education and knowledge surrounding the Muslim culture Islamic religion allow Americans to make false claims regarding the inevitable "acts of terrorism" committed by these groups. The negative rhetoric (often perpetuated by biases in media) does not take into consideration the values of peace, love tolerance and acceptance. People who practice the Islamic faith consist of twenty-three percent of the world 's population. To ascribe the atrocious deeds of a select group of sick and misguided individuals to an entire population of Muslims is both baseless and intolerant. Playwright, Ayad Akhtar, poet, Suheir Hammad and film directors, Nikki Byrd and Jennifer Jajeh, unveil and expose various issues of Islamophobia within our contemporary culture. It is dangerous to subjugate all Muslims and people with Islamic beliefs into this category of “terrorists,” as it destructively constructs an “othering” of one-fourth of the world 's population—unnecessarily casting a majority of Muslims as suspects and enemies of Western ideals and morals. Michael Omi and Howard Winant eloquently describe race as unstable, flexible, and subject to constant conflict and reinvention in their book, "The Theory of Racial Formation." The notion that race is an inflexible term—defined in one particular…

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