Essay on Racism And The Civil Rights Movement

1028 Words Dec 7th, 2015 null Page
Sometimes I ask myself, “what would it be like to live my life fighting off the discrimination of the world because of the color of my skin?”. Personally, I can not imagine living a life where I am treated differently and pushed to the outside by the images of society just because of the color of my skin. Every human being is unique in their own way, whether it be personality, looks or even a special talent, but the color of skin should not matter. Racism is a huge human rights issues in today 's time, it challenges the right of equality to all humans. Everyone has learned about slavery and the civil rights movement in a history class. Those events were resolved so therefore racism is not thought of as a common event in today’s time, but racial discrimination is still strongly present in the world today. In the opinion of most, every human being is equal with their own special quirks. No matter the color of their skin, if any person is cut, they will all bleed red and if an x-ray is done on any human, one will see that everyone is made up of the same bones. One race is no stronger, no better, or anymore special than the other. Everyone should learn what racism truly is, how often racism occurs not just close to home but all over the world, and how we can overcome the ways of the world to end racism.
Racism by definition is the belief that all members of each race has special characteristics or abilities specific to that race, which causes them to believe they are more…

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