Racism And Prejudice In America

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As the dust around the fallen towers settled, a wave swept across America and the hearts of the citizens that vowed to never forget. American flags flew high, American pride filled the eyes of United States citizens as they banned together in the tragedy’s wake, but there something was something more in that wave that swept across the nation. A darker, more sinister shadow in the waters of nationalism, a fueled prejudice; a prejudice fueled by the fear and insecurity that manifested itself in the hearts of every citizen in the realization that their America was not untouchable.
September 11, 2001 was a horrific lesson, taught with the death of thousands, and the sacrifice of the brave. The horrors of that day were more that an eye opening
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Just as the Native Americans, African Americans, Jewish Americans, Mexican Americans, and Asian Americans have experienced, now Muslim Americans and Arab Americans are experiencing the cruelty and pain that Anglo-Saxon, White Americans can inflict, based on their fear and lack of understanding.
Racism and prejudice is such a sensitive subject. America now masks the bigotry under the pretenses that it is not a matter of race, but a matter of a way of life. Only the West can be a moral force. Only the West can be democratic. It has become America’s duty to counter any opposition to freedom, and Islamic extremism has become the face of this battle.
Our country was founded with the idea of freedom of religion. Islamic extremism refuses to see any religion but Islam. America has the right to defend this value, but America’s fear has clouded its ability to see this freedom for all. Now to practice Islam invites suspicion and discrimination.
We live in the age where the fight against terrorism has manifested itself in the arsons of mosques; murder; racial abuse (online and offline); and a government slow to condemn acts against its Muslim

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