Racism Against African American Youth Essay

1103 Words Nov 10th, 2015 null Page
Introduction Racism against African Americans has a long and complicated history, all stemming from a need for power and privilege. While race is continually changing in society, the concepts of racism are not. And racism, as a means to inhibit a minority, has long been at play within the education system towards African American youth. Education maintains a heavy hand in the ways that people are treated after school and without certain degrees of education, students are left with little to no options after graduation. More often that not, these under-educated or under-valued youth are African Americans and the crimes committed by the education system towards them are nothing short of heinous. Racism against African Americans negatively impacts the ways in which they receive an education and what they are able to do after earning a degree.
The formation of race has led to the formation of racism. Race, as a way to socially define groups based on physical characteristics, forms an other and thus racism. The most impactful form of racism has been that done by White Americans to the African slaves, brought over to work on plantations as a way to elevate Whites to a “higher status” (Hurst, 2013: 174). When African were first brought over to America, they were given strict rules and regulations; they were not allowed to do much but work, nor were they given anything. The contrast between black and white easily aided in the belief that black was…

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