Essay on Racial Tension Between The Police And Minorities

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My proposal to address this issue is on a meso level by employing social workers in police departments to tackle, reduce, and ultimately end racism during interaction with the police and minorities, with a focus on African Americans. This would be done by educating police officers on cultural differences, having them explore known and unknown biases, and offer clinical support as needed. “Law enforcement must bridge differences and cross-relational barriers to do their jobs (Cornett-DeVito, 2000, p. 235).” Proper implication would not only benefit African Americans, but other minorities, poor people, women, mentally ill, diasabled, and the LGBT communities as well as the police officers themselves. The racial tension between the African American community and the police has to stop, for the mental, physical, and is a matter of life and death and everyone will benefit from it being eliminated, but it will not be eliminated overnight.
My proposal is not an original as “Illinois and Wisconsin have the most comprehensive police social worker practice within more than 35 police departments, they are members of the Association of Police Social Workers (APSW) (Patterson, 2008).” Patterson (2008) includes training police and providing clinical services to the police, as well providing services to the community such as giving referrals, mediation, and crisis intervention. “It is important that a police social worker understand law enforcement culture, procedures and establish and…

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