Racial Profiling And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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Racial Profiling
Racial profiling seems to be rapidly growing and is alive and well. Recent events have made it seem like an epidemic racing among law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. Many critics and politicians believe that racism and racial profiling doesn’t exist in the United States of America. A fact supported by countless attempts to push legislation and bills dealing designed to profile throughout the years. In many U.S. states and major cities there have been instrumental laws passed that have aided the practice of racial profiling within the criminal justice system. For instance, Rockefeller Drug laws; Stop and Frisk law, and The Three Strikes law. These laws assist racial bias and create flaws within the criminal system which is believed or perceived to be doing the right thing among all people regardless of color of the person. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen enough in the system that should “never fail” a citizen of the United States.
Stop and Frisk Law
New York City has been a poster city for numerous encounters with its citizens bringing light to questionable laws in place. There have been anti-crime policies that have heavily discriminated against Africans Americans, contesting their rights as an Americans, but scarcely contested by many. A phenomenal example of a law that contests and wrongfully violates people in New York City is the “Stop and Frisk” law. The origin of this law was created by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani during his…

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