Racial Profiling And Bullying By My Classmates Essay

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Being asked, to sum up, what little I’ve known of life into a question has proven to be much of a task but led to the pressing question of how racial profiling and bullying by my fellow classmates affected the social decisions I’ve made throughout my life. The story all begins with the decision to leave the warm, sunny, culture enriched island of Trinidad being made by my parents in early 2009. By June of the same year, I was in New York City enrolling in elementary school for the coming school year. I started the fourth grade in a new school, with new people, and a new culture. During my first month of school, I excelled and the class became boring for me. I topped the class and the principal decided to move me to the honors class. The following month, I became bored of the honors class because I topped this class as well, so the principal moved me to the gifted class. As expected, I adjusted to the workload of being in the gifted class, however, I was socially outcasted. The other children did not like me and they were not shy about it.
I remember not fully understanding why they disliked me; to the best of my knowledge, I was always polite to my classmates. One autumn afternoon during recess, one of the girls in my class told me that I did not belong in their class because I was not white and she pulled my hair and ran away. I recall going home crying about why I was not the same color as the other children and knowing that was the main reason they hated me. My parents…

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