Reflective Essay On Peer Relations

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Of all the key influences throughout my life, my peer relations have had the biggest impact of who I am and what I stand for. Their stories have become testimonies to the racial injustices in this country and without them I would not know how truly detrimental the injustice is. I felt like growing up I heard about racism, discrimination, and oppression but I did not completely understand it. Simply hearing about racist experiences from someone you do not know compared to someone close to you that has encounter white supremacy and racism is completely different, it was very eye opening. Because of my peer’s experiences, I have become much more open-minded than I once was and they have made me realize that I was once a color-blind racist because I would allow other people that were close to me to speak negatively about minorities. My peers have also shown me that they did not fit the stereotypes that I learned growing up and since I seen that they were not true; it helped me refrain from stereotyping others as well. Lastly, my peers have made appreciate the differences in everybody and with their help; I now understand why it is important to acknowledge these differences.
Oppression and Discrimination
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“Oppression occurs when a portion of the population, usually the majority, systematically and over a time, prevents another portion of the population, usually the minority, from obtaining access to scarce and valued resources. Oppression is a process where specific acts are designed to place others in the lower ranks and keep those people from achieving success (Lum, 2007, p. 66). Discrimination can be defined as “a behavioral response that is unfavorable to members of an ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, or related out-group. It is preceded by prejudice, which is a negative affective attitude and a learned condition.” (Lum, 2007,

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