Racial Prejudice And Discrimination Is Just A Form Of Corruption

1178 Words May 1st, 2016 null Page
Racial prejudice and discrimination is just another form of corruption in our government system here in America that has stopped actual justice from being made in cases like Tom Robinson’s in To Kill a Mockingbird. The United States has an extensive background on violating human rights due to racial disparities. For instance, in 2005, the United States Sentencing Commission wrote a report that stated, “African Americans receive longer prison terms for drug offenses than whites. In 2002, the average prison term of 105 months for African Americans was 69% longer than the average of 62 months for whites,” (The Federal Prison Population: A Statistical Analysis, 2004). In other words, blacks who committed the same crime as whites were being given a much longer term than the white offenders. Furthermore, African-Americans are not the only minority that gets this unfair treatment, of course. The Latino race has been a victim of this crime, as well. The USSC reported that, “Whites receiv[ed] reductions three percent larger than Blacks and five percent larger than Hispanics,” (USSC 130). Statistics were gathered and showed that Hispanics were indeed the highest ethnic group that was getting this treatment, but under the circumstances that they were simply violating terms of immigration, “This growth is due in large measure to the growth of prosecutions for immigration law violations,” (114). In other words, yes, Hispanics were the highest race to suffer from racial disparity, but…

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