Criminal Justice System In The New Jim Crow By Michelle Alexander

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The New Jim Crow, written by an expert and 10 years experiences in civil liberties Michelle Alexander. I agree that people who break the law are criminals and should be punished. Yet what I see is an issue of racial injustice being depicted by discriminatory factors including social class. It is preposterous to call the criminal justice system racist in many ways, as if you have this superior entitled opinion. When Barack Obama became the first African american president, it seems safe to say that social justice was restored. But Michelle Alexander argues that the more things change, the more they remain the same.

The racial caste is obvious in some state where black men have been admitted to prison on drug charges at rates twenty to fifty times greater than those of Caucasian men. Michelle Alexander wholeheartedly believes slavery has morphed into a
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What I learned from Michelle Alexander and agree with is that we disagree with the criminal justice system has a particular agenda to lock up the less fortunate, therefore making them second status citizens. I believe we are doing more harm by requiring to have status quo’s for prison and locking up many people who thrown in jail without fair trial. It has been happening since the fight for civil justice where the media at that time quoted Martin Luther King as the most notorious criminal in the United States, when he was simply trying to view a dream of equality. I disagree how we throw people in jail without actually trying to fix them, as if they are rotten vegetables. Most of the prison guards and people who deal with criminals on a day to day basis have nearly no psychological understanding, which if we want to fix a problem most be the number one priority. The question we should ask ourselves is why are most countries downsizing prisons while the United States continues to raise

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