Racial Inequality Within The Criminal Justice System Essay

805 Words Sep 8th, 2015 4 Pages
Identity is primarily described as ultimately what makes one person who they are. While it is seen as an individual asset, one’s identity can be shaped and persuaded not only by life experiences, but by society as well. Bryan Stevenson speaks on several controversial issues and proclaims certain societal problems and the typical behaviors toward them. How one approaches the issues that are spoken about truly describes their identity. Stevenson argues that how one reacts to racial inequality within the criminal justice system may regulate their identity. In addition to that, how one views the death penalty can also determine a person’s character. Although this is only one person’s identity, Stevenson is trying to prove that identity has power, and it will be the issue that essentially makes or breaks this country. The power within identity is that it ultimately controls the world and humanity. Bryan Stevenson states that in the U.S one out of three black men are either in prison or on probation/parole. Within the criminal justice system, it has been brought up that there is still racial and wealth inequality. Stevenson argues that one is likely to be treated better if they are rich and guilty opposed to being poor and innocent. Identity becomes a factor in this controversial issue when it is clear that no one is fighting for the equality. Stevenson brings up the point of the issue not being personal. If the problem is not person, then it’s not the problem of the community.…

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