Racial Identity/Development Essay

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The Introspection of Racial Identity Development

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Abstract The main purpose of the paper was to reflect the changes in the racial identity development during the course of history. The assignment was aimed to achieve several tasks: to analyze the impressions and responses to the interview; to trace back the causes of the negative reactions on some questions; to reflect the story of the Racial Identity Development, as well as elaborate the ways of racism confrontation within and outside oneself. The analysis was based on the processing of different print, and internet sources, the core part of which was made by the books of Adams Blumenfeld “Readings for Diversity and Social
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Apparently, the only key to free the stereotyped consciousness lies in direct interaction. Getting to know people personally will help to erase negative images and develop your identity positively (Burgess, 2003). As the scientists in mental health field assert, identity is the reflection of the influence of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, historical and social contexts. It is a massage that is reflected in the cultural image back to oneself and shaped by individual characteristics (Blumenfeld, 2010). It is still a challenging task to analyze every stage of my life development, taking into consideration all the above mentioned factors. It is also difficult to assess adequately where a person is in his or her development. In order to elaborate a clear picture of my Identity Development, it is necessary to start the introspection from the early childhood, when the identity is formed. I grew up in the culture where the color of the skin played a leading role on how people were treated. As a result, my earlier experiences evoked confrontation and prejudiced attitude towards people of a different background. Identifying myself as Portuguese (as I was told to stay away from black Americans), I still wanted to be perceived as an American. According to John and Joy Hoffman’s classification of the stages of Identity Development (Rabow, n.d.), Conformity stage was a period when I subconsciously distanced myself from the person

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