Analysis Of Race Inequality During The Civil Rights Movement By Alex Haley

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Race Inequality During The Civil Rights Movement
Alex Haley wrote a coruscating autobiographical novel about Malcolm X during the Civil Rights movement. Malcolm was a radical Civil Rights leader that used what some might call primitive tactics in order to achieve his goal. With this novel people got a better idea about Malcolm`s viewpoints and were able to understand Malcolm a little bit better. Historically after the novel was published according to a database “Malcolm X articulates a truth already latent but ungrasped in the autobiographical narrative he originally set out to write in his evangelical zeal: his life was not now and never had been a life of the simpler pattern of the traditional conversion story” (Carson n.pag.). The autobiography
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Stop sweet-talking him” (Bagwell n.pag.). Malcolm`s radical ideas is what he is known for and what will always be remembered for as being one of the main leaders in the Civil Rights Movement. During the time period of 1954-1968 African Americans tried to fight for racial equality. Even though many leaders made many advances across America, they still had a long way to come before reaching the ultimate goal. Alex Haley demonstrates this idea of racial equality in The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Throughout the novel Haley illustrates how one African American man fought hard, spoke up and rallied for what he believed in. Similarly, the movie Rediscovering Malcolm’s Life demonstrates from Malcolm X as well as various other people illustrates how people come together with a common goal to try to bring an end to race prejudice. Finally the Civil Rights Movement displays how African Americans come together with a common goal to end racism in America. However, regardless of the progress that these people made, people do not achieve immediate success Ironically, it seems that when African Americans come together to try to bring peace to prejudice they draw a harsh eye on the white …show more content…
Although he went through this it shaped Malcolm for what was to come later in life. This taught him to be courageous and help to add to the fire of the anti-racial effort across the US. From early on Malcolm was familiarized with prejudice in the small midwestern town he grew up and developed in. Subsequently, due to the prevalent racism in the setting, Malcolm and his family were faced with the daunting task of having a more difficult task of making a living than white families in his town. Malcolm did not really have a ton of people growing up, let alone people who were with him and on his side. With the small amount of people by his side Malcolm describes how “Fortunately, as a child, my surroundings were filled with my father 's partners for social change. This warm, devoted circle of people was always on the front lines of the struggle, working to ensure the rightful equilibrium of human rights-not just domestically, but globally-by any means necessary. Whether they were persons of note or simply hardworking citizens, these individuals in my early life were missionaries of justice, each committed to doing his or her part.” (Haley 8). Even Though school was not of Malcolm`s strengths, his family life certainly was. This determination of Malcolm`s elders working hard together might exposed Malcolm to the idea that when people ban together they can achieve anything. Later in his life Malcolm 's life

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