Essay about Racial Identity And Racial Ethnic Identity

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(a) Contextual information about the purpose/intention of this study:
Throughout the history of United States, race has been one of the biggest problems, despite the reality that everyone that lives within United States is a descendent of an immigrant. As a result, researchers have done studies for decades on racial-ethnic identities, to understand how race and ethnicity is understood from the minority’s perspective. In this important type of study, researchers examine how diverse adolescents reflect on their own race when participants rated their ethnic and racial centrality. Use of racial and ethnic identity are terms that are acknowledged as socially constructed terms and this has led the researchers to dig up the past and talk about the history of racial-ethnic identity and how it has affected adolescent participants.

(b) Summary of findings:
It is studies like these that shed new light on self-identity, which define a different meaning of self-concept through racial-ethnic identity. To put it another way, identity theory gives an idea to individuals that one can inherent different level of importance into one’s identity. One of the main importances to one’s race and ethnicity is centrality, because this is the identity and the perception that one has as their background. The centrality and its explanations have several different levels, as the researcher’s state. In addition, human race is also viewed as centrality and this causes to be colorblind within the…

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