Racial Identity And Racial Discrimination Essay

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an idol, and a lack of understanding and harshness towards races and ethnicities other than White becomes the norm (Daniels, 2001).
Defining A Nonracist Identity, or Phase Two, includes Pseudoindependence. There is not complete tolerance for other racial groups, and there is an intellectual commitment to the White racial group. While they can work and empathize with others from racial groups other than white, they still deny other cultures and ethnicities. Immersion/Emersion is characterized by acknowledgment of racism and White privilege. They believe that education can benefit society and the world and can be an activist for racial divides. The final ego status is Autonomy, where a White individual is comfortable and eager to educate themselves on privilege, releasing that privilege, and seeking to understand the roots of racism in America to learn how the effects are seen in modern society.
Carlos Poston quotes Sue and states that “Racial identity development is defined as pride in one’s racial and cultural identity (1990, pg 152).” There have been several models constructed in an attempt to understand how a biracial individual handles the mixing of two cultures and races. While a person of a single race may only have to accept and understand how that race has historically assimilated into modern culture, biracial individuals have two races they struggle to understand. Using this information, and finding the earlier models of biracial identity lacking, Poston created a…

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