Racial Discrimination : The United States Of America Essay

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The racial discrimination has been the biggest problem in the United States of America, which has been going on from so many years. The legacy of historic discrimination continues to weigh on the present; and current day discrimination persists throughout American life in access to healthcare, educational services, employment opportunities, wage levels, and media employment. Discrimination inhibits people 's ability to see the truth of another being and in our American history, we have witnessed so many cases related to discrimination over span of many years. In 1954 Brown v. Board of Education, a case that started the civil war in the United States of America. In 1864 the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution abolished slavery, yet there are so many problems that people faced every day because of their race, age, or sex. The Walmart Stores Inc. v. McKenzie in 1999 was one of the famous discrimination case, Jeremiah McKenzie is the respondent of the case who works in a Wal-Mart store in Tyler, Texas. In March 1992, Wal-Mart terminated McKenzie, alleging that he used products from the store without paying for them. McKenzie sued Wal-Mart to fire him, just because of his race. The jury found Wal-Mart 5 liable for wrongful discharge, awarding McKenzie $50,000 in back-pay, $10,000 for past mental anguish. However, later McKenzie filed for exemplary damages, which takes this case to different level.
McKenzie maintains, however, that Wal-Mart should have…

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