Racial Discrimination By Richard Wright Essay

1301 Words Mar 21st, 2016 6 Pages
Racial discrimination refers to treating individuals differently due to their race or color. There has been extreme tension in the world dealing with racial discrimination. African Americans are being killed and only being seen as rebels. The world has evolved to still look down on certain minorities. African Americans are being discriminated against because of racism, stereotypes, and how they are portrayed in the media, leading to violence. There will never be a change in the way society views African Americans unless everyone opens their eyes to the real problems in our world. Discrimination has been around far too long and a change in the way minorities are viewed should come quickly amongst everyone. To be treated as equal, you have to be first seen as equal. In Native Son by Richard Wright, the main character, Bigger, is trapped in a white world. In this novel the main character is seen as a murderer, rebel, and overall horrible human being. Bigger wanted to join the army but the white people in his time say all they want a black man for is to dig ditches (Wright 409). He had hopes and ambitions but could not fulfill them due to his skin color. He’s black, there’s no use in even hoping for anything (Wright 411). There are plenty of people like Bigger who feel like there is nothing else out there better for them because of how society has raised them. When you are looked down upon for so long, a person tends to start believing what they are hearing. Negroes, other…

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