Essay Racial Differences Between Citizens And The System

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- Cook, Lindsey. "No Justice Is Not Colorblind." US News. U.S.News & World Report. Web. 12 Apr. 2016, Page 1 Lindsey 's article explains the racial difference between citizens and the system. As America holds 5% of the world 's population we hold 25% of those in prison. Statistically, of those people populated, African-Americans are more targeted and incarcerated than any other race. This is due to the Caucasians being the prevailing race influencing the NYPD, and the Criminal Justice System. Based on her findings you can assume that the Criminal Justice System is racist, and bias. Caucasians and African-American do drugs at the same rate, yet since the 1990 's there was a spike in the amount of African-Americans that got incarcerated and arrested for drug related issues. Cooks reasoning circulates entirely around my thesis by providing several examples of the racism in the criminal justice system. - Collins, Sam. "Why People Of Color Don 't Call For An Ambulance." Think Progress RSS. 2014. Web. 05 Apr. 2016, Page 1 Due to the distrust among African-Americans and the police, it led to abandoning calls to the ambulance . In fear of what police will do, African-American people try to avoid these calls whether they are in desperate need or not. Based on Collins findings you can see that these calls got avoided due to the increased killing of unarmed Africa-American men. They believe reducing confrontation of any sort will spare a life or defuse possible situations. Collins…

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