Racial Contract Within The Social Contract Essay

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Of course, Pateman goes on to tell us why, elaborating on the implict agreement in a social contract which privileges men in society to formulate the social contract; that implicit agreement, that ‘contract-within-the social contract’ (so to speak) is what Pateman calls the sexual contract. It is the unspoken agreement(s) about the place of women in society, as decided by men that Pateman tries to elucidate, much like Mills in discussing racism and the racial contract (implicit in the social contract) . Whether in matters of business, law, property, economics, or broader domains of culture, there is a rampant privileging of one group over another: men over women. Women are subjugated, or culturally pressured to fulfill the duties of home makers, or care takers, or objects of pleasure; kept out of the stations of authority and power in society traditionally upheld by men (Pateman, 116-117). “Sexual difference is political difference; sexual difference is the difference between freedom and subjection (Pateman, 6).”
--------------Pateman, again like Mills, is forcing us to reconsider the system of power relations in which we live. They want us to look at what informs the underlying structures of society as we know it and, perhaps, take for granted. They want us “to see the world with new eyes” to observe and critically engage all the compartments and processes the predominant (in Pateman’s view, patriarchal) social order. All of this is requisite to being able to understand…

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