Racial And Ethnic Domination And Subordination Essay

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When I reflect on the concept of diversity, I realize that it is not something I actively consider on a regular basis. Diversity for me is typically noticed subconsciously by thinking a person is different from me in one way or another. Growing up being in the racially dominant group where the city itself was predominantly Hispanic gave me a unique experience with racial relations. When I was a child, I had no idea that racism existed. As I grew older however, I understood the societal restrictions on those who were not white. Even though I lived in a diverse city, it is not without difficulty to separate my own prejudices while working with other people. Sometimes I struggle to admit that white privilege has significantly helped me in my life, though on some level I recognize it has. This struggle will certainly affect my social work practice when I have wrong information from stereotypes I have heard, however I am able to adapt and learn from people and their experiences.
Examination of racial/ethnic domination and subordination I was lucky to be born into a Caucasian family because that is the racially dominant group in society. In fact, based on the ADDRESSING model, I belong to most dominant groups in society (Hayes, 2001). When I was an adolescent, I did not understand how my skin color gave me any privilege. Although I do have African-American and Puerto Rican family, as a young child I did not realize that my aunt and uncle were any different than I was. I had no…

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