Racial And Ethnic Characteristics, Family Structure And Culture

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Family History Paper In this paper, my focus will be on Racial & Ethnic Characteristics, family structure and Culture. Some of the things that I will be talking about throughout my paper will be the different things from my generation and my parent’s generation as well. The reason why having a family is a major thing is because you can always enjoy time with them and share anything that you feel like is important with them. They will always be ready to hear anything their child has to say. It is not really hard to stay with them like someone that would leave their family over a small argument because they can always get over it regardless. Family is one and your only place where your life begins and love never ends. In order to create a family, you have to work for it to make it perfect, in order to be a good example of that whole society.
Racial & Ethnic Characteristics My racial is Black or African American. My parents raised me in Yemen (where I was born), but came in the United states at the age of eight or nine. My characteristics started to change a bit because it was a lot different from where I was raised for eight years or so. In that case, my head started telling me if my old friends would reach me, but happened not. As myself started to get used to the U.S., my memory forgot about anyone who were left behind in Yemen and just decided to move on. My parents were born in Somalia, which is different from how it was before to how it is now. Back in the days, there…

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