Racial And Discriminative On A Society Essay

1036 Words Apr 14th, 2016 5 Pages
Living in a society where you hear racial and discriminative slurs on a daily basis takes its toll on you as a person. Growing up in a society where these microaggressions have become a way of life to some people, constantly living through the discrimination from people that don’t know whether or not they are hurting people psychologically. Seeing how diverse my city is with so many different cultures, religions, colors, and many other aspects that are racially attacked by people on a day to day aspect makes you go prone to these comments, which it shouldn’t be that way. Our children shouldn’t have to grow up thinking that these comments are just a way of life that is allowing them to feel lesser. It’s horrible when you hear children telling each other negative slurs and just acting like they are jokes. These kids start growing with different views of these words as put downs that they grow believing that are true. Microaggressions have caused our society to show more acceptance to these types of racial and discriminative comments, which have had a toll on people’s self-worth, and even their psychological health. People take these microaggressions as a joke or something that is of unimportance without knowing that these comments are making them think about their self-worth. It’s sad how our children our growing up in a time where they can’t even feel confident of their worth, since now our children are attacking each other in schools, social media, and all around with…

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