Races in the Workplace and How to Handle Them. Essay

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Historical Issues of Different Races in the Workplace and How to Handle Them
Part Two. Race
Introduction to Part Two
There are many diversity issues that we have seen recently and more that we can expect into the future. Some diversity issues involving population can and will make an impact on our diversity in the workplace. It is necessary to understand current racial diversity issues and how these issues should be addressed. Being more knowledgeable on how to address diversity issues will help to reduce potential tension in the workplace.
1. Different races in the workforce
As stated in part one, we can expect an increase in the United States’ population in foreign born people. The race that will be increasing the population the
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Many businesses have sued over requiring signs to be in English primarily (Glanton, 2014). This could be a touchy subject to talk about around the workplace as population increases.
3. Addressing issues that cause issues
In order to best manage racial tensions between diverse groups and understanding should be known within your own background and the understanding of how it affects your actions. From there a system of education, training, and conflict management strategies should be used. It all starts with the recruiting process. It is important to hire people because they are best for the job and nothing else. All the while a recruiting strategy needs to be implemented in order to make sure that we keep our workplace diverse (Banton, 2014).
Cultural sensitivity training should be implemented while taking the lead in leading by example. Keep in mind that teams are more successful when everybody appreciates the diverse skills and experiences. Surveys can be implemented in order to extend an opportunity to give feedback and communicate the results with staff and implement changes that may need to be changed. Teamwork should also be encouraged in all areas of work. This will force employees to work together to complete projects. Last but not least morale events should be held in order to improve interpersonal relationships (Banton, 2014).
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