Race 's Theory Of Race Essay

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Race is a fairly new concept getting it 's roots during the Renaissance.Chapter five of Our Origins covers the idea of race. Moving into the 1700s, an anatomist by the name of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach began to categorize humans he encountered during his travels into different races. The process for forming his taxonomy of the people he encountered was based on skin color and skull shape. His conclusions stated that there were five different races of people and also argued that these races were unchangeable or static. However, this was debunked by Franz Boas who showed through his studies of parents and their offspring that skull shapes can differ from generation to generation. This disproves Blumenbach 's theory that race is a static and physically existing thing. How can Blumenbach be correct if it possible that a parent does not share the exact same skull shape as it 's offspring? This would mean that the race of the child differs from it 's parents according to Blumenbach 's logic being, different skull shape equals different race. Boas was able to show that race does not exist in the idea that Blumenbach believed it did, in the case that individuals are jailed into certain biological categories sporting specific genetic traits . R.C Lewontin, a geneticist, also disproved the idea of race on a biological level by studying "blood groups, serum proteins, and red blood cell enzyme variants..." ("Our Origins", 121). He collected information on these biological traits from…

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