Race, Gender, And Gender Discrimination Essay

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g” (49). Race is societal and cultural in America, so is gender. And interweaving with them is the issue of class. The ideology about race, gender and class in American society indicates hierarchies that values white over black, males over females. Deriving from this hierarchy are oppression and revolt that keep shaping America till today. Movie is one of the lens for examining this hierarchy in America, both reflecting the ideology of societies and influencing it—the 1934 and 1959 versions of Imitation of life are two examples. As Kristi Branham argued, “The ‘woman question’ and the ‘race question’ are conflated in the passing story in both the 1934 and 1959 film versions of Imitation of Life” (258). Furthermore, underlying the two issues is also a discussion of the class system in American society. The movies Imitation of Life are great depictions of the state of American racism, classism and gender discrimination with significant changes over a couple of decades. The most blatant racial stereotypes are presented by the black woman character, especially Delilah Johnson in the 1934 version. The two movies develop around the life of two widows with their daughters. Due to mutual benefits, the two women decide to raise their daughters together. In the 1934 version, while the white woman, Bea Pullman, takes up the role of the breadwinner, Delilah work as a domestic servant and the caretaker of their children. As Jeremy B. Butler illustrated, that the film makes Delilah…

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