Race From A Social Construction Essay

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Race from a social construction has been apart of how we class people today. We look at skin color, and ask of peoples family backgrounds to determine what race they are. What we have made is each race seem to be in a different breeding population than the other races, when in reality, and what has been learned in this class is that genetically it does not show what race someone is. I also learned in classes from a long time ago that by looking at a persons facial structure can determine what race they are, I now know after this class that this is not true. What we have learned as a population is who fits into what race based on are very arbitrary. In the past what race determined a lot of things that you could do, which was socially constructed. Even on forms that we need to fill out for census, certain doctors, and some other forms, we are asked what our race is as if it is such a vital part to knowing who we are. I work in a doctors office and on our forms we are required to put on race and ethnicity. Majority of the patients that we see will choose to not fill that part of the form out anymore, because they do not see it as necessary information to give out.
Sex has biologically been able to be determined in numerous ways from our XX or XY chromosomes to genitalia, we typically can determine whether a person is male or female. Gender is more culturally determined. This is by masculine or feminine things a person does or how a person looks. In todays society it…

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