Race Discrimination

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“Race plays a prominent role in several areas of criminal justice functioning today, ranging racial profiling by police officers prior to arrest to racial disparities in the likelihood of being sentenced to prison” ( Hallet 2006, p. 61). Race today has always been an issue in our society and our justice system. In the media, we see different responses to white and colored crimes. Most white criminals get away scot free, while someone, who is colored, is likely to be punished harshly for their crime. Hallet (2006) states that most minority groups have plenty of conflicts with the criminal justice system, and many are very overrepresented in these prisons. Despite being discriminated by others in society, minority groups are also racially discriminated …show more content…
Though, not large in numbers in our current prison systems, they’re still quite treated unfairly today. First, Native American females are more likely than to be admitted 6 times over a white female inmate, while the male Native Americans are admitted 4 times over a white male inmate (Hartney and Vuong 2009). In prison, according to Lynch and Root (2014), many Native Americans have been denied their religious rights. The prisons were very strict of the length of an Native American’s hair, and the use of feathers. Most prisons had also banned headbands, and medicine bags since they believed the headbands correlated with gang colors, and medicine bags held condiments such a weed, for example. To an extent, prisons would not allow Native Americans to perform religious ceremonies such as the sun dance, going to the sweat lodge, or using a sacred pipe. And secondly, Native Americans are often made fun of by the other inmates.Some had even gotten physically assaulted due to their ethnicity and religious practices (Lynch & Root, 2014). Also, the inmates had reacted negatively by stating that Native American culture was quite ignorant in their

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