Race, Culture, Identity : Misunderstood, Questions Racial Labeling Of All Sorts

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Kwame Anthony Appiah’s Race, Culture, Identity: Misunderstood, questions racial labeling of all sorts. What is the difference between race, ethnicity and culture? Appiah reevaluates people’s ways of thinking, which encourages his readers to think outside of the norms to analyze what their definition of race is. He argues that If one rejects the existence of racism, which is the idea that there are distinctions of our species, then that individual cannot adhere to the fact that there are hereditary differentiations such as superior or inferior ethnicities. That individual insinuates that we are equal in all related aspects, but that is that the case in our current environment.
Discrimination still exists in today’s society, through the work force, or any source of social interaction. Our current ways of interaction and thinking affects our social behavior and emotions towards others. We tend to compare ourselves through the means of racial differentiation. We label ourselves as the black community, the white community and even the yellow community. Black would be accredited to african americans, the whites would the europeans and the yellow category would fall anywhere between the spanish and asian community. The consequences to this ideology includes segregation and controversy between different ethnicities. One race would ultimately believe that they superior to the other which then leads to suppression such as slavery or yet again the Holocaust. We want to belive that…

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