Essay on Race Classifications And Race Classification

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“Traditionally we divide ourselves into races by the twin criteria of geographical location and visible physical characteristics. But we could make an equally reasonable and arbitrary division by the presence of absence of a gene, such as the sickle-cell gene, that confers resistance to malaria. By this reckoning. We’d place Yemenites, Greeks, New Guineans, Thai, and Dinkas in one “race,” Norwegian and several black African people in another” a
Quote from Jared Diamond (1994:191) that explains how humans can be characterized in different races by some arbitrary category decided by someone. Other ways to classify humans into different race groups might be by the type of fingerprint left, the existence of a particular gene, a geographical location, thus the race categorization can be designed different. The race categorization is created to separate humans into populations which are identical in a specific category. However, race categorizations have been used through history to create inequalities between different groups of people. The outcome from such race categorization has led to social and economic inequalities in the American society. The demographic population of American society has changed drastically in recent years and is expected to change even more by 2050. According to United States Census Bureau the white population was about 89.9 % in 1940 and declined to 72.4 % in 2010. The minority population is expected to grow from 37.8% in 2014 to 56.4% in 2060(Sandra…

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