Essay about Race, Class, And Gender

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Within society people are placed within categories, of which is consider “appropriate” for who/ what they are. Society then uses the categories as a prototype, to then create labels onto individuals which changes how one see’s the world and how other’s perceive each other. In today’s world these categories are race, class, and gender. There are times when individuals can be placed in multiple categories then can have both advantages and disadvantages. Race, being the most common category that overlaps societal problems. Race is considered to be a group people who share the same distinct physical characteristics. Sociologists have argued that race is a social contracture and that it is not a biological concept, meaning race doesn’t have a genotype. It is known that race has many categories of it’s own to identify the type of people you see on daily bases. Categories from white, black, Asian, native American, Hispanic, etc.. Race is a made up thing and used to create the aspects of power and status. In other cases if you weren’t white, you weren’t right. The race that wanted power and to hold a mightier status was those who were white. The have deem there race as righteous and the only kind that should be expected with society. In order for other races to blend in within the American way of life was to fit in with the white culture the United States claim to have. Within Society there was a time were the color was relevant and determine the things you can and cannot do…

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