Race, Class, And Capital Essay

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Race, class, and capital play a significant role in the operation of the American prison system. Like slavery, race and class in the prison system determine where you stand. With slavery being overruled, segregation came into play in the mid 1900’s. Segregation, the separation of different racial groups, is a battle that people of color still have to go through today. To the majority, minorities are seen as criminals but to the prison system they are seen as dollar signs. The economic structure of the United States targets people of color to produce revenue. Based on the concepts of racism and policing stated in You May Ask Yourself By Dalton Conley, not only is the United States prison system a modern form of slavery that promotes racism, classism, and capitalism. The prison system was made to punish those who did not obey the law. Thus creating an illusion of imprisoning the lawbreakers to protect the people of America. Although there is a court case and a trail to appoint somebody to prison, it seems like race is playing a significant factor of who’s sentenced to prison and who’s charged who a fine. The suspicion is due to the fact that there are over two million people in prisons or jails, and over seventy percent of them are colored. A chart titled Lifetime Likelihood of Imprisonment by Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that one in every three African American males is likely to go to prison, followed by one in every six Hispanic males, and one in every seventeen…

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