Analysis Of Race As Biology Is Fiction, Racism As A Social Problem Is Real

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Biology of Racism
After reading “Race as Biology Is Fiction, Racism as a Social Problem Is Real” and “The Surprising Science of Race and Racism,” I’ve come to the conclusion that scientist have not yet proven a way to tell race nor racism by genetics. There have been many studies trying to show that race can be told by testing your blood or measuring the size of a human’s head but there’s no way that can be proven true.
According to “Race as Biology is Fiction, Racism as a Social Problem is Real,” an article written by Audrey Smedley an American anthropologist and Brian D. Smedley, a medical researcher, "When geneticists appeared who emphasized the similarities among races (humans are 99.9% alike), the small amount of real genetic differences
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This article is about how the whole concept of racism began during the Spanish Inquisition over religion during a purity decree and the need for followers to prove their Christianity which caused groups of people to separate. Later on when they encountered each other they started wondering why they looked different from one another which might of caused them to feel uncomfortable and caused the whole concept of racism. It also talks about how scientist have discarded the concept or idea of race over years because it’s so difficult to describe all the different types of races and what exactly makes them different from one another since genetically we are so similar. Even though we live in such an advance world and there’s so much research to prove that “you cannot distinguish any group called race by their DNA,” people still might be racist due to cultural adaptation. According to Eliza, “there is no indication from any scientific evidence that different populations have any specific physical or intellectual attributes, or abilities.” There’s nothing in our genes that makes us dislike anything or dislike a group of people. Our DNA doesn’t have a single strand of “racist”. Testing DNA cannot show what race you may be. They’re all just concepts close minded people have come up with to feel inferior to others. “Different people have different backgrounds, behaviors, worldviews, valued, social organization, history, and culture, not because of their

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