Race And Religion, Race, And Politics Essay

1107 Words Dec 18th, 2015 5 Pages
The society, we live is divided because of many factors, like race/color discrimination, division of religion, and politics. The division of people based on two radically different views, drive people apart. The world is divided because people tend to have different ideas and thus causing division between groups. It will obvious that there will be disagreement in the world, but the problem is that people are not willing to share ideas to make the most ideal option that benefits everyone. The problem is everyone want their way to be the best option because it best accommodates their life. For example the perspective towards religion, race and even politics. Many of the division that happens in the United States is when is comes to the presidential election, which demonstrated so much division was during 2012 presidential election many voters are influenced by religion and in the article How race and religion have polarized American voters it states -“By 2012, 69 percent of white voters who reported attending religious services at least once per week identified with the Republican Party compared with only 41 percent of white voters who reported rarely or never attending religious services—the largest divide ever recorded. Some 75 percent of religiously observant whites voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 compared with only 46 percent of non-observant whites.”(cohn 2014) Religion also has been a gateway towards separation because many peoples ' want to use religion as a method to…

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