Religion And Politics: Social Class, Power, And Gender

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In today’s modern world I find that religion and politics are more relevant to religious belief and expression than social class and power, and ethnicity and gender. In America I feel politics and religion go hand in hand. Most of the original founding documents in America have some sort of religious affiliation. Even our currency has a religious affiliation, “In God We Trust” can be found on every paper currency in America. When George Washington first took the oath into office and decided to add God into the oath and placing his hand on a bible America’s faith was basically decided. There was a mad dash for people to join churches and other denominations of the Christian faith, as this is what America became. I remember when Obama was first elected President there was lots of talk and I believe even media coverage saying his religious belief was Muslim. There was a huge outrage and most people were generally upset because this information, whether true or not, did not come out until he was already in office. Meaning that if people had generally known he practiced Muslim …show more content…
I think that what we see the most of is that within these concepts are social groups based on social class, power, ethnicity and gender. The social groups formed from these concepts would tend to have the same beliefs and most likely the same religious beliefs or that these social groups tend to have the same religious beliefs. Scientology for instance, tends to have more wealthy Caucasian followers. The social diversity of religions tend to be based on these other concepts of political views, social class, power, ethnicity and gender. According to some statistics Christianity tends to have more female followers then male followers. Maybe you could even say that these concepts drive the beliefs of these social

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